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Automated KYC-data: Roaring on the radar

The need for updated and systematized data increases in pace with AML regulations all over the world. Complicated structures, changes in ownership, politically exposed people and confusing signatory rights, are challenges that require specialists with their core business in gathering data. The need for automated and digitized processes that simplifies big data, is more urgent than ever.

With modern API-technology fintech provider Roaring, is part of the solution. Over 20% of person and company data changes over the course of a year and the need for digitization increases with every new regulation.

“Digitization of customer processes is a mega trend, but for regulated industries it is just as important that the solutions are compliant with the AML regulations.” says Thomas Isegg, country manager in Norway.  

After establishing in Sweden and Norway, Roaring is now entering the Danish and Finnish market. Their focus on end users has resulted in reducing onboarding time to under 5 minutes, a number of automated processes for compliance-data and they have established as a strong fintech-company. KYC-data is not the only thing roaring has to offer. With new functions and data sources, they adapt to an increasingly regulated market.

«Companies are changing and adpating faster. After several years of “business as usual”, obliged entities have started focusing on solutions for the future. When corona hit, we predicted business to halt, but the opposite happened. Free capacity is now being used to establish routines and processes that enable growth in the other end.


Roaring’s focus on end users, does not distract them from making life easier for banks and financial institutions, in other words—their customers. Agile API-integrations makes sure Roaring’s data seamlessly connects with your systems.


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In an exciting partnership, Roaring and Quesnay will create added value by synchronizing fintech solutions. API-technology enables a seamless process between big data and Quesnay’s business-adapted workflows for AML.

“Roaring’s API-technology makes it easier to establish solutions that are effective and compliant. With roaring integrated to Quesnay solutions, it's easy. The right data is always ready for any process and is stored in the right way. The user experience is seamless, you get to work in a system with prefilled KYC data, while ensuring compliance.”

Among Roaring’s customers you’ll find companies such as DNB, Pareto Bank and Sparebanken Vest. Read more about how Roaring automates and simplifies time-consuming processes here