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Gabler chooses Quesnay as their CLM provider

As the leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management solutions in the Nordics, aimed at AML/KYC compliance, we are proud to say that Gabler chose us as their CLM provider. Through a comprehensive and automated solution, Gabler will gather all their compliance-related tasks in one user interface and ensure effective processes aimed at optimizing workflows. The new CLM system will benefit both Gabler’s employees and customers, and we are very excited to start our journey together.

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Gabler, a well-respected advisor on pensions, investments and risk management, have a strong position in the Norwegian financial landscape. Gabler’s client list, with 64 of Norway’s largest pension funds, several of Norway’s leading financial institutions and investment companies, reflects their position in the market. By creating possibilities through a value-driven business model, Gabler attracts and creates collaborations for the future. We are proud to be a contributor for Gabler to reach their goals.

Quesnay’s CLM solution allows Gabler to expand and innovate, while ensuring complete control and AML compliance. Quesnay’s automated processes developed through more than 10 years working in the Fintech and Regtech realm, will benefit Gabler’s internal work processes and eliminate time consuming, manual compliance tasks. By combining onboarding, KYC, ongoing due diligence and periodic reviews in one system, Quesnay provides Gabler with an effective and highly automated solution that allows them to invest their time in their core business and spend less time on manual processes. This while satisfying regulatory obligations. Quesnay’s Nordic perspective reflects Gabler’s internal focus on expanding across Nordic borders.

Quesnay’s solution not only gathers compliance tasks, but all tasks related to AML/KYC processes. This includes everything from seamless document handling to fully integrated APIs and more. Read more about our CLM solution here.

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