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Commercial Real Estate Brokers’ new time thief

Commercial real estate brokers, there’s a new time thief in town. The Norwegian Anti-Money Laundering Act require routines, control and careful documentation. In an industry that mainly focuses on longstanding customer relationships, networking and sales, this has proven to be a challenge. We see you and understand the complexity of being a commercial, but also heavily regulated industry. The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway knocked on several commercial real estate brokers’ doors in 2018 and as predicted, the AML routines where not good enough. So how can we ensure the required AML documentation and routines without it stealing time from creating contacts and sales?

This article was originally published on and in "Eiendomsmegleren"

The answer lies in technology 

 We know that solutions for commercial real estate brokers have not been prioritized in the lack of big companies pushing innovation, but we’re ready to help. Quesnay have contributed to keeping regulated industries compliant for 10 years, through solid, flexible and user-friendly solutions. Digitization and automation of the work that steals hours, is an investment for the future and for your clients. Physical folders, Excel and time-consuming processes is a use of resources that can be eliminated.  

 The lack of digitization and automation is not just an internal time thief, but an obstacle in your clients customer experience. The need for a professional system that handles the job of obtaining the right information, is apparent to your clients. Commercial real estate brokers differ from residential real estate brokers in several ways, but the length of customer relationships may be the most significant difference. Years of building relationships is interrupted by constantly obtaining and controlling information from your clients and leads. Quesnay’s systems lower the threshold and lets you focus on selling, not investigating.  

Compete for the customers, not for AML 

 Gathering industry forces to demand adapted solutions is the first step. The time has come to stop accepting defective systems. An industry-wide cooperation can give you the attention needed to drive technological innovations. The work has already started, and several companies see the value of creating platforms for cooperation and discussions. Quesnay wants to contribute to increase focus on commercial reals estate brokers and learn more about how you work. This way, we can adapt to your needs.  

Efficient, user-friendly and compliant 

Since 2010 we have developed and optimized the solution that automates the time-consuming processes AML demands. With domain knowledge in technology, finance and compliancewe make user-friendly and compliant solutions that makes life easier for your employees and your customers. 

Commercial real estate brokers, we want to help you fight financial crime. Let technology do the work, so you can focus on what you do best. 

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