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Cloud: a barrier or enabler for compliance?

When talking about compliance, a key element is cloud technology. The cloud gives us a world of possibilities, but do we know how to take advantage of them? Watch Asgeir Olsen and Shahzad Rana’s presentation on the future of the cloud

This blog is based on Asgeir Olsen and Shahzad Rana's presentation during our conference Compliance Disrupted 2021. You’ll find the recording of their presentation on the bottom of this page.

Shahzad Rana on the possibilities of the cloud and why cooperation in the cloud is the future of compliance:

"In order to catch the criminals, we need to follow the money, we need to be able to detect patterns. Humans are great at particular tasks, but not at finding patterns. For humans to analyze the same amount of data as the cloud, it would take thousands of employees. And every time you make a jump from one database to another, you lose the pattern, the data and the criminal."

Watch the recording below to hear Asgeir Olsen and Shahzad Rana's reflections about the cloud, it's role in compliance and what the future will look like:


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