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Customer Case: Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic

Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic is one of the leading real estate managers and facilitators of direct investments and real estate funds in the Nordic market. When they implemented Stacc Quesnay's Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, the three drivers where digitisation of client interaction, optimalisation of the AML compliance process and the need for a better suited CRM/project management solution. We talked to Fredrik Holter, Head of Compliance & Risk at Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic, about their journey.

The challenge

When Swiss Life in 2017 (then NRP) wanted to move their business up the digital ladder, they had three motivations cooperating with a digital provider. Firstly, as an investment firm they are subject to the Norwegian Anti Money Laundering Act, and a solution for handling AML/KYC was necessary. The second motivation was digitisation of customers interaction, to create user-friendly and seamless processes for their clients. The third motivation was the need for a CRM solution adapted to their needs, connected to other aspects of the customer journey, such as project management onboarding.

The solution

Based on Swiss Life and their client’s needs, our CLM platform with an investor portal for client interaction and overview became the solution. A Client Lifecycle Management solution inhabits both CRM and compliance functionalities, which was exactly what Swiss Life needed.

"Stacc Quesnay's CLM solution has multiple functionalities for us, it’s our CRM platform and our compliance solution. Having everything available in one user-interface, makes is easy to get the overview we want, to deliver on our client’s needs."

- Fredrik Holter, Head of Compliance & Risk at Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic

                                          Holter, Fredrik II.jpg

As for client interaction and communication, we created an Investor Portal, available to all customers. In their portal, clients can see their current value, IRR, total value and browse Swiss Life’s portfolio for projects they have not yet invested in. This makes it easy for Swiss Life to up-sell projects and easy for the clients to expand their portfolio. Fredrik describes this overview as an “attractive functionality”, because of the value it creates for both customers and the company.

Swiss Life can effectively communicate with their clients through the portal and upload documents for signing.

Our clients, both Norwegian and foreign, are very happy with the customer portal. It’s definitely a competitive advantage for us.

The effect

In addition to getting solutions for CRM, compliance and customer interaction, Swiss Life has saved many hours converting manual tasks to automated processes.

The investor portal had been a timesaving functionality, because clients can find all the information they need about their current and possible investment. This means less time in phone calls and less time sending e-mails back and forth.

Fredrik describes the cooperation with Stacc Quesnay as a learning experience and he mentions how quickly Stacc Quesnay's employees seem to grasp their needs and challenges:

“I have gained a deeper knowledge for IT structures and the how tech and compliance need to work hand in hand, through our cooperation with Stacc Quesnay.”

In the future, Fredrik says adding compliance functionalities to the CLM solution will be a priority as regulations increase. Also, further automation throughout the solution is planned, to increase the speed of internal processes.