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Stories from Quesnay

The latest updates about technological innovations, beer brewing, cabin trips, and breakfast seminars, from Quesnay HQ.


A promising fintech cluster

SS&C Advent, Quesnay, Morningstar, Signicat and Schjødt has together formed a fintech cluster with a goal to deliver high quality, interdisciplinary solutions in a changing sector.

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A guide to the new Money Laundering Act

The Money Laundering Act 2018 brings new challenges, new sanctions, but also new opportunities. We present a structured approach on how the law's obligations can be implemented. Using technology, you can, in fact, reduce resources spent on reporting.

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Can technology save the Asset Management sector?

Compared with bank and insurance, there has been surprisingly few developments in technology within Asset Management in Norway. Experts even predict that it could demolish the sector; piece by piece. Henk Weidenfeld thinks the solution lies in the user experience, where the information and decision process can and should be simplified through existing technology.

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No Compromise - The Iconic Car Design

What started as an eccentric idea, became the very definition of Quesnay as a company.

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