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Dictionary: Compliance Terms

Do you find it confusing with all the expressions and abbreviations that has become a norm in the banking and finance landscape? This dictionary gives you simple definitions of frequently used compliance terms.

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Risk Assessments 101

Risk Assessments are the cornerstone of AML compliance and the foundation of any other AML related process. Following our recent webinar on the topic with PwC, here is what you need to understand you company’s business specific risk assessment and how to automate your customer risk classification.

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Guide to Periodic Reviews

Periodic reviews are performed to ensure that all customer information is updated and that every customer has the right risk classification. This a crucial step in banks' and financial institutions' work to prevent financial crime. Here is a 3-step guide to the basics of Periodic Reviews.

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Getting started with Client Lifecycle Management

After the initial adaption to AML, KYC and CTF regulations, banks and financial institutions are now looking for ways to make compliance a competitive advantage rather than a simple must-do to avoid fines. For way too long, AML, KYC and CTF compliance and risk management has been a part of organizational routines, separated from the core business. The investments you make to adapt to ever-changing regulations are now what can possibly differentiate you from your competition. How? Client Lifecycle Management.

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