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Where regtech meets the AML act

As digital problem solvers, we set out to make a guide, together with AML expert Prof. Jon Petter Rui, that will help you set the course for a swift implementation of AML regulations.

Sounder takes you through the routines, onboarding, and follow-up processes outlined in the AML act. Download the original version in Norwegian here or reach out to receive more information in English.

Smarter risk management

We feel that risk management and anti-money laundering is a lot like fishing. You can either throw a wide net and catch a bit of everything or you can apply modern technology like a sounder and go after the big catch more efficiently. This is the philosophy we built the Sounder guide on; targeted efforts using modern technology.

The Sounder guide contains: 

  • Corporate risk assessment
  • Routines
  • Customer onboarding
  • Iterative follow-up
  • Examination & reporting 
 Download the guide

Step into the future of AML

We have built compliance solutions for many startup and established banks and are well aware of the regulatory challenges facing the financial industry. With expert knowledge in regtech and fintech we would love to help you build your compliance setup. Just get in touch with us to get started and we will bring machine learning, smart data collection and risk profiling with us to supercharge your AML workflows. Based on your needs we will implement the necessary components for cost effective and secure onboarding of customers with collection, validation and management of customer data.

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