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Construo Suitability Report Generator

Together with the law firm Schjødt, we have developed a solution to help you deal with the suitability report requirements set by MiFID II. 

Suitability report generator

Building Blocks

The SRG solution consists of the following microservices:

  • SRG Compliance Interface, allowing you to monitor suitability reporting related to the policies set by MiFID II: the go-to solution for compliance departments. It allows you to inspect previous results and adjust recommendation texts and the information that appears on the PDF.
  • Suitability Report Application, an administrative interface to extend your existing order handling system according to MiFID II. The goal is to reduce the number of manual processes while making it possible for compliance departments to choose between predefined texts.
  • Suitability Report Service, a background service, managing fully or partially automated suitability reporting processes related to MiFID II.
  • Seamless integration with SuperOffice, Tradex and more.

Other microservices in the Construo Service Ecosystem


Why Our SRG Solution?

Our SRG solution fulfills the minimum requirements for MiFID II's suitability reporting. It is user-friendly and efficient – both for advisors, investors, and partners. With its standardized integration, it can be implemented efficiently, however always with the possibility for a customized and extended solution.

Minimize the compliance risks and optimize your company performance today.

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