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Your One and Only Signing Solution

Signing jobs – both simple and complex – can be problematic for many companies. Quesnay's digital signing solution streamlines the signing process and enables multiple documents to be sent to multiple signatories in one single dispatch. Not only is it user-friendly for the employees, but also the customer who signs with Norwegian BankID and can easily store and handle their signed documents.

Digital signing solution

Construo eSign

The Construo eSign setup with the Signing Matrix functionality is the ultimate solution for companies dealing with both simple and complex digital signing processes. It addresses several scenarios for both the employee and the end-user:

  • Effective delivery and handling of documents and signing requests, both for the employee and the end-user
  • Simple signing with Norwegian BankID in a customer portal or by email.
  • Automates signing processes of large volumes with multiple signees, as well as follow-ups and reminders
  • Secure digital storage of signed and unsigned documents, including their metadata by using Construo Doc Store
  • Access rights management, taking private and legal entities into consideration
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What You Get

The default setup for Construo eSign consists of the following microservices: 

  • Document Portal/Block, allowing customers to access documents and signing requests online.
  • Construo KYC Portal or Active Sign for employees to manage document access rights and create signing requests.
  • eSign API, handling communication with Signicat, sending email reminders and forwarding signed documents via email or to the file storage.
  • Doc Store for saving, archiving and versioning of documents.
  • In addition, the Auth Service ensures secure authentication and authorization across internal and external systems.

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