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Construo Signing Room

In light of stricter privacy regulation, signing and handling of documents can get messy in the financial services. Our regtech solution will simplify this process and help you stay compliant. 

The Construo Signing Room lets you, your employees and clients upload, manage, sign and store documents – all on one platform. 

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Building Blocks

The Signing Room setup consists of the following microservices:

  • Document Portal/Block, allowing customers to access documents and signing requests online.
  • Construo KYC Portal or Active Sign for employees to manage document access rights and create signing requests.
  • Construo eSign, handling communication with Signicat, sending email reminders and forwarding signed documents via email or to the file storage.
  • Doc Store for saving, archiving and versioning of documents.
  • In addition, the Auth Service ensures secure authentication and authorization across internal and external systems.

Other microservices in the Construo Service Ecosystem

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Why Our Signing Room?

The Construo setup for signing and document processing addresses multiple scenarios:

  • Storage of signed and unsigned documents, including their metadata.
  • Access rights management, taking private and legal entities into consideration.
  • Delivery of documents and signing request in customer portals.

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