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Construo Portal Widgets

Together with SS&C Advent, we have designed our widgets to help you upgrade your existing client portals. Let your clients view their holdings, analyze past performance and buy funds. Fully customizable to fit your brand profile.

Widgets features

Building Blocks

The Widgets consists of the following microservices:

  • Trading Widgets, enriching any existing portal and website with fund trading functionality. Portfolio and holding reports, trading and support for saving agreements are included in these functions.
  • Widget Proxy, handling access rights management and secures traffic between the Trading Widgets and the software delivered by SS&C Advent.
  • APX integration with storage, servers and networks.
  • Morningstar ratings
  • Integration with Tradex

Other microservices in the Construo Service Ecosystem

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Why Our Widgets?

Clients expect to find accurate information at their fingertips. Creating a complete portal from scratch can often be a painful process. Integrating additional portfolio data into an existing customer portal can be even more difficult.

This is why Quesnay has developed a customizable standard set of widgets in collaboration with SS&C Advent.

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