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Construo Service Ecosystem

Construo consists of multiple microservices, organized in categories depending on their specific functions. These microservices work as building blocks. They are designed to be flexible and can be combined in a variety of ways depending on your changing needs. Here you have a full overview of each and every service.

Engage your customers

Website and Portal Technology

Use our front-end Trading Widgets to enrich existing portals and websites with fund trading functionality. Portfolio and holding reports, trading and support for saving agreements are included in these functions. 

The Form Renderer makes it easy to present forms as a part of your website, either on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Ready-made Portal Blocks allows you to build or extend customer portals with document, signing and customer due diligence views.

A complete overview

Administration Interfaces

KYC Data Portal will let employees screen, classify and investigate customers during the onboarding process and continuously monitor customer data changes.

SRG Compliance Interface is the go-to solution for compliance departments to monitor suitability reporting related to the policies set by MiFID II. It allows you to inspect previous results and adjust recommendation texts and the information that appears on the PDF.

Suitability Report Application is an administrative interface to extend your existing order handling system according to MiFID II and the necessary reporting of suitability. The goal is to reduce the number of manual processes while making it possible to choose between predefined texts defined by the compliance department.

Active Sign is a microservice for employees to initiate and monitor digital signing requests.

Automate customer management

Business Logic Services

Widget Proxy is a proxy application, handling access rights management and securing traffic between the Trading Widgets and the software delivered by SS&C Advent.

KYC APIs are governing internal and external data access and provides a single point of integration for third-party systems.

Workflow Engine is a microservice to execute dedicated process flows based on policies, jurisdictions, customers and product characteristics.

Suitability Report Service is a background service, managing fully or partially automated suitability reporting processes related to MiFID II.

eSign is also a background service, handling communication with digital signing providers and follow-up procedures with customers.

The backbone of Construo

Standard System Functionality

Auth Service ensures secure authentication and authorization across the Construo Ecosystem using tokens in accordance with the OAuth 2.0 standard.

Notification Service brings SMS and e-mail functionality either through Vianett or your existing Exchange-server.

Doc Store is a digital archiving system. It handles different versions of documents as well as the indexing and metadata of files for the possibility of a quick retrieval and convenient accessibility.

Construo Bundles

After years of experience building and implementing the Construo services, we have created some standard setups consisting of different microservices:

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