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Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

With the ever-increasing body of legislations like MiFID II, AML and GDPR, the need for digitization and automation is crucial. We deliver fintech and regtech solutions for the banking and finance industry to solve such challenges.

Quesnay creates products and services for you or help you improve your existing platforms to give you an advantage over your competitors. We make your complex systems user-friendly, efficient and compliant. 

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Automate and optimize your workflows

Construo Service Ecosystem

Construo is a scalable ecosystem of customizable microservices. These can, separately or in bundles, be integrated into your existing system.

Highlighted features:

  • Collection of customer data through online forms
  • Identity verification
  • Digital signing
  • Digital communication with customers or stakeholders
  • Policy and business rule management for automated decision-making
  • Document handling
  • Data visualization for monitoring and investigation
  • Integration with third-party data sources and systems

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We've done the heavy lifting

Construo Bundles

After years of experience building and implementing the Construo services, we have created some standard setups consisting of different microservices:

The Sounder Maps

Your AML Guide

The new AML law brings new challenges and new penalties, but also opportunities to reduce resource utilization for reporting purposes. We present a structured approach to guide to through it. 

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Reduce the risks and reap the benefits

Project Finance

We offer a compliance optimized CRM solution combined with a Project Finance registry, customized to cover your needs. Our solution handles everything from investor data and shareholder registers, to pro-rata constellations and loan obligations. Based on our domain knowledge, we will provide a solution that will cover your business and compliance requirements. 

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Offer engaging customer experiences

User Portals

Provide a dedicated hub for your customers to access and manage privileged and up-to-date reports, documents and views. Quesnay builds superior portals with low barrier login like BankID or fingerprint scanning to make accessing information easy. Customized with your company's logo and branding, your user portal will showcase the company at its best.

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Get smart advice, make good decisions


We help you navigate the increasingly complex world of fintech and regtech. Matching your company's vision, market and goal, we help you devise a sound digital strategy. Get all the benefits from financial and regulatory technology, and you will be able to meet the challenge of both national and global competitors.

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Our Partners

We partner with a number of companies in order to better serve the needs of our clients. Partnerships allow us to make solutions that are better, more cost-efficient and that solve multiple problems for our clients.

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