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Client Lifecycle Management

Quesnay’s Client Lifecycle Management solution is designed to considerably improve the way you do compliance. We provide one user interface to help you stay on top of current and upcoming regulations. Integrate the features you need with your existing systems and real-time data providers to make compliance your competitive advantage.

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Digital Onboarding

Digital forms easily presented as part of your website, or by sharing directly with the customer and other persons like beneficial owners. In our KYC Portal, employees can easily create and edit forms based on AML regulations. The forms will be styled according to the company's brand elements and can be presented across platforms and screen sizes. Minimizing onboarding time and optimizing the Client Lifecycle Management process.

Digital Signing

Our solution facilitates secure and easy signing of documents and makes them available as PDF files. Employees can create and follow digital signing requests in our KYC Portal. Communication with digital signing providers like Signicat and customer follow-up is automated. This gives you a comprehensive overview over all signing requests. Seamlessly validating and authenticating your client’s identity, while giving you easy access.


KYC and AML checks

Our API first approach easily integrates your preferred data provider into our systems. PEP and sanctions screenings among other AML and regulatory checks are done during this stage. We partner up with the best data providers to ensure high-quality, up-to-date information. Our KYC portal works as a hub for all information on your clients.

Compliance Tasks

Your client is now cleared for your product and part of your customer base. The everyday usage of our solution allows you to access all aspects of your client’s lifecycle. You can easily send the customers documents for signing if you need more information or if the customer signs up for any other products. Periodic reviews are easily initiated according to your routines.


Ongoing Due Diligence

You can sit back and relax; automated workflows will let you know if there is a relevant change in the customer base. A notification with information about the change and a link to track where it comes from makes it easy for you to follow up on the alert. The automation will eliminate time-consuming tasks and let you focus on what really matters.

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Our Partners

We partner with a number of companies in order to better serve the needs of our clients. Partnerships allow us to make solutions that are better, more cost-efficient and that solve multiple problems for our clients.

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