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Webinar: Signicat X Quesnay

Cross-border client lifecycle management is the theme of our next webinar. On January 27th, Signicat and Quesnay invite you to get a broader understanding of how to conduct effective due diligence processes and digitally validate and engage with your customers to reduce risks, save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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We went live January 27th, 2021. Sign up to get the recording of this webinar below!

Know who you're dealing with

Join our live 60 minutes webinar with speakers from Signicat and Quesnay and learn more about a technology that is designed to not only make your customers’ lives simpler and more secure but how it will reduce risks for your business and increase operational efficiencies, saving you costs.

Both partners will reflect on enabling secure and seamless digital customer engagement, to ensure a life-cycle that goes beyond customer acquisitions.

More concretely, in this webinar you will learn:

  • How to provide great user experience and at the same time be regulatory compliant (KYC and AML) during customer due diligence processes
  • How to leverage digital identity solutions and data for increased customer engagement, ensuring a full digital customer lifecycle
  • What are the regulatory discourses and challenges in the Nordic market related to customer verification and authentication
  • Practical considerations for cross-border customer due diligence, acquisition and engagement in the Nordics

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Meet the speakers!


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Henk | Chief Technology Officer | Quesnay

Henk Weidenfeld is Quesnay's CTO and a driving force behind their compliance products. Combining his in-depth understanding of technology, business and regulatory frameworks with his passion for UX, he advocates for user centric approaches to Client Lifecycle Management and regulatory compliance. Prior to leading the engineering team, he has been consultant for several neo-banks and strategic digitization projects of established financial service providers.


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John Erik Setsaas, VP of Identity and Innovation, Signicat

John Erik is a pioneer in the identity space with over 30 years’ experience. Before joining Signicat, John Erik was Chief Development Architect for SAP Identity Management and taught ecommerce, identity services and security at Buskerud University College in Norway. He is also a board member of the EEMA, Europe’s leading digital identity think tank. A seasoned speaker, he has presented at international conferences including Money20/20, OIX, Trustech and World eID & Cybersecurity.


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Rikke | Compliance Consultant | Quesnay

Rikke Øksnes has background from European Law School (Maastricht University) and United Nations University (UNU-MERIT). The last two years Rikke has been working with Fintech and Regtech in Quesnay, focusing on KYC, AML, MiFID II and  GDPR.  With a special ability to explain complicated processes, Rikke is a sought-after resource when compliance issues are discussed. Her background from European law, combined with technology understanding and communication skills, has proven to be an important combination.