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Compliance Disrupted 2021

Welcome to Quesnay's yearly Nordic virtual conference for compliance and regtech in banking and finance. The place to "be" for tech-savvy compliance, aiming to make it your competitive advantage. October 15th we will show you how.

If you work in banking and finance, compliance is probably on your everyday agenda. At least it should be. With the ever-increasing body of legislations the industry is facing, there is a need to disrupt the dry subject of compliance with the use of modern technology. How can you make compliance your advantage rather than your handicap?

Friday October 15th we will gather industry leaders, innovators and technology providers to disrupt the way you do compliance.

When: 15th of October 2021
Where: In your own living room, online
Program: Stay tuned

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About the Disrupted conferences

Since 2018, Quesnay’s Disrupted conferences has been hosted with the ultimate aim to shake up a rather conservative financial industry. How can we disrupt in order to proactively innovate? Joined by industry leaders, we discover challenges, trends and opportunities for new technologies. The aim should not only be to solve the issue but also adding value in the pro-cess. To make this happen, we need to think outside the box and disrupt the status quo.

This year, we go online and look at compliance and how it prevents the sector from spend-ing time where it matters in order to create value. How can compliance be a competitive advantage and not a setback by using technology? Disruption is the way to innovation.

Stay tuned for topics, speakers and program!

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Want to be a speaker?

Our previous Disrupted conferences have attracted important decision-makers, industry leaders and innovators in the banking and finance sector. This year we are going even bigger and want the very best speakers to disrupt compliance with us. We are looking for...
...success / failure stories
...disruptive startups
...compliance gurus innovators
...and interesting people with a good story

Is this you? Contact our marketing manager at to share your knowledge.