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Quesnay is a technology company that delivers fintech solutions to the banking, finance and insurance sectors. Our solutions are used by companies such as Pareto Securities (project finance and investor portal) and SEB (online banking and customer portal), and start-up banks like DeBank and Optin Bank.

We work in teams, utilizing parts of the Scrum methodology, and use the JIRA project management system. We believe in individual growth through competence sharing. Our offices are located in the 200 year old Søndre Tåsen Gård, where we eat lunch in the garden on summer days. What we offer is a friendly but highly competent working environment where you will enjoy coming to work in the morning, and staying late for a beer.


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Do you believe you're the perfect candidate for a position at our firm, but don't fit the requirements listed? We have a military officer and an ex-blogger among our staff, and think our diversity makes us stronger.

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We're hiring

Want to work at our Kampala office?

We are looking for candidates to participate in our exchange program. Work at our Kampala office for 6-12 months with both domestic and international businesses.

Uganda is one of Africa's most exciting fintech-markets, and our sister company Laboremus Uganda has in recent years become a substantial actor in the sector.

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