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  1. Guide to Periodic Reviews

    Periodic reviews are performed to ensure that all customer information is updated and that every customer has the right risk classification. This a crucial step in banks' and financial institutions' work to prevent financial crime. Here is a 3-step guide to the basics of Periodic Reviews.

  2. Getting started with Client Lifecycle Management

    After the initial adaption to AML, KYC and CTF regulations, banks and financial institutions are now looking for ways to make compliance a competitive advantage rather than a simple must-do to avoid fines. For way too long, AML, KYC and CTF compliance and risk management has been a part of organizational routines, separated from the core business. The investments you make to adapt to ever-changing regulations are now what can possibly differentiate you from your competition. How? Client Lifecycle Management.

  3. Final report from the Regulatory Sandbox project

    From May 2020 to December 2020, we have participated in the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority's (FSA) Regulatory Sandbox for Fintech. The months in the sandbox have been characterized by exciting conversations with Norway’s FSA about regulatory clarifications in order to be able to innovate in anti-money laundering work. The final report is now published with insight into the process, the project and the regulatory issues that have been discussed.

  4. Gabler chooses Quesnay as their CLM provider

    As the leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management solutions in the Nordics, aimed at AML/KYC compliance, we are proud to say that Gabler chose us as their CLM provider. Through a comprehensive and automated solution, Gabler will gather all their compliance-related tasks in one user interface and ensure effective processes aimed at optimizing workflows. The new CLM system will benefit both Gabler’s employees and customers, and we are very excited to start our journey together.

  5. Update: Playful in the regulatory sandbox

    We have been playing, digging and building in The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway’s regulatory sandbox for Fintech for four months. The essence of the project is the theory that sharing information through technology can simplify the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. After three workshops and many hours of work, we have a broader basis for insight into how our solution can be optimized for the fight against financial crime.

  6. Pink & Proud: Rikke Øksnes

    How important is a compliance consultant for a company that mainly helps its customers stay compliant? A rhetorical question, but the answer is of course: invaluable! Since she started in Quesnay two years ago, Rikke Øksnes has contributed to in-depth knowledge of AML, KYC and other regulations that apply to our customers.

  7. Innovation: A compliance tool

    As part of our core business we help banks, finance institutions and regulated industries stay compliant through innovative technology. This is our contribution in the fight against financial crime, but is does not stop us from wondering: How can we further fight money laundering? One of the answers is the Regulatory Sandbox for Fintech.

  8. Automated KYC-data: Roaring on the radar

    The need for updated and systematized data increases in pace with AML regulations all over the world. Complicated structures, changes in ownership, politically exposed people and confusing signatory rights, are challenges that require specialists with their core business in gathering data. The need for automated and digitized processes that simplifies big data, is more urgent than ever.

  9. Commercial Real Estate Brokers’ new time thief

    Commercial real estate brokers, there’s a new time thief in town. The Norwegian Anti-Money Laundering Act require routines, control and careful documentation. In an industry that mainly focuses on longstanding customer relationships, networking and sales, this has proven to be a challenge. We see you and understand the complexity of being a commercial, but also heavily regulated industry. The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway knocked on several commercial real estate brokers’ doors in 2018 and as predicted, the AML routines where not good enough. So how can we ensure the required AML documentation and routines without it stealing time from creating contacts and sales?

  10. We will play in the regulatory sandbox!

    Thursday, 30th of April, we woke up to some pretty good news from Norway’s FSA: Quesnay was elected as one of two (!) companies to take part in Norway’s first round of a regulatory sandbox for fintech.

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