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  1. Customer Case: Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic

    Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic is one of the leading real estate managers and facilitators of direct investments and real estate funds in the Nordic market. When they implemented Stacc Quesnay's Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, the three drivers where digitisation of client interaction, optimalisation of the AML compliance process and the need for a better suited CRM/project management solution. We talked to Fredrik Holter, Head of Compliance & Risk at Swiss Life Asset Managers Nordic, about their journey.

  2. Data quality’s role in smarter AML decision-making

    Anti-money laundering compliance requirements are getting tougher, which is putting more pressure on AML teams. As more and more data needs to be collected and documented about every customer, the need for data to be accurate and up-to-date increases.

  3. KYC processes are broken

    Annually, financial institutions invest heavily in compliance to prevent financial crime. In fact, 1.28 trillion USD is invested every year, yet 2.1 trillion USD is laundered globally. Our current KYC processes do not have sufficient effect. To achieve the goal of detecting and preventing financial crime, we must transform the way we are doing compliance.

  4. Cloud: a barrier or enabler for compliance?

    When talking about compliance, a key element is cloud technology. The cloud gives us a world of possibilities, but do we know how to take advantage of them? Watch Asgeir Olsen and Shahzad Rana’s presentation on the future of the cloud

  5. Company culture to foster compliance

    A company’s culture should be a priority when building effective and long-term compliance programs. In fact, it is vital considering the constant fraud, misconduct, and compliance risks that financial institutions face today. After all, it is the people who determine a company’s performance.

  6. The importance of Disruption in Compliance

    Today’s regulatory landscape for financial institutions is massive and keeps growing. In addition to strict financial regulations, the regulations that directly affect the customers of financial institutions, and other obliged entities, have grown exponentially the last 20 years. Especially the last 10 years.

  7. Quesnay joins forces with the Stacc group

    We are excited to announce that Quesnay AS is now part of the Stacc AS group. Stacc is a Norwegian Fintech company with more than 100 employees and 30 years of experience, delivering cloud-based, digital solutions and consulting services to the banking and finance industry in the Nordics. Quesnay will become a 100% owned subsidiary of Stacc and will continue to focus on the company’s core business: Delivering software solutions for compliance, KYC and anti-money laundering (AML). The offering compliments Stacc’s existing product and service portfolio, and overall, the Stacc group is expected to reach a revenue of 180 MNOK in 2021.

  8. 6AMLD: What Now?

    The 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) is ready and had to be implemented by member states and their obliged entities by June 2021. A keyword important for the 6th directive is accountability. The responsibility for detecting and minimizing the effects of money laundering is now largely put on obliged entities, its employees, and senior positions. The 6th directive widens the scope of Money Laundering to adapt to ever-changing threats.

  9. Dictionary: Compliance Terms

    Do you find it confusing with all the expressions and abbreviations that has become a norm in the banking and finance landscape? This dictionary gives you simple definitions of frequently used compliance terms.

  10. Risk Assessments 101

    Risk Assessments are the cornerstone of AML compliance and the foundation of any other AML related process. Following our recent webinar on the topic with PwC, here is what you need to understand you company’s business specific risk assessment and how to automate your customer risk classification.

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