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About Quesnay

Quesnay is a fintech and regtech company that creates value for the financial sector. Our developers, project managers and consultants strive to deliver uncompromising code and quality to our clients. 

With more than 16 years of experience in the financial sector, we know how to make your complex systems user-friendly, efficient and compliant.

Erik & Philip

1996 - 2019

The story

In 1996, two innovative young men left their night shift careers in the publishing house Gyldendal to start Elektronisk Informasjonsbehandling AS. Embracing the new technology available, they were among the first to digitize the printing industry; a sector that had scarcely changed since Gutenberg.

In 1996, we created what was probably the first database-driven web shop in Norway. In 1999, Novus saw the light of day. It was a CMS (content management system), created before the term existed. In 2000, we worked on one of the first fintech banks in Norway: Privatbanken (now SEB). 

22 years later, the business have grown into a multi-headed beast, with offices in Oslo, Belgrade and Kampala, known as the Laboremus Group. But the innovative spirit that gave birth to the company is still very much at the core of what we do; pushing the boundaries for what is possible every single day. 


The company

In 2017, Quesnay was created to solidify our position as a significant player in the Scandinavian fintech market.

From our office at Søndre Tåsen gård in Oslo, we work with clients across the Nordic countries to bring powerful and innovative change to their business structure.

However, while we embrace innovation, our experience has also taught us the power and value of incremental change. Our solutions combine the beauty of disruption with a focus on time-to-market, but also risk reduction. 

Our partner in Uganda

In 2013, Laboremus Uganda saw the light of day. It was set up with the vision to build the IT sector in Uganda and in this way keep large IT contracts within the country. One part outsourcing, one part serving the local markets; the company is now a vital member of the Laboremus Group and has become one of the largest tech companies in Uganda. 

As our sister company, Laboremus Uganda continues to be a key partner on many projects for the Nordic market. Through our exchange program, arranged by Fredskorpset, our employees in Oslo get to travel to Kampala and work at our office there, and vice versa. In addition, we recently established Laboremus Academy in collaboration with the university in Kampala; aiming to give graduates enough knowledge in coding required to enter the job market. 

Stories from the office

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