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Your digital problem solvers

Quesnay delivers technical solutions to the banking and finance sector, helping you to be more efficient, get more attention, and stay ahead of the competition. 

We are passionate about solving puzzles and connecting the dots in order to make your CRM systems or KYC processes work flawlessly.

Quesnay regtech

Compliance with automization

Regtech is the new fintech

Regulations like AML and MiFID II is here to stay. In order for you to stay compliant in the banking and finance industry, we are offering tailor-made regtech solutions. Get in touch and let us help you automize the extensive process the new laws entails. Tackle GDPR and AML with compliant customer onboarding systems, or implemenent a Suitability Report Generator to meet MiFID II. Regardless the challenge, we are your digital problem solvers. 

Stay compliant

AML, KYC & Due Diligence

Stay compliant in the face of stricter frameworks and reporting standards in the financial sector. Whether you're dealing with AML, MiFID II or GDPR, we help you achieve convenient, simple and automated digital customer onboarding and life-cycle management with our regtech solutions.

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The Sounder Maps

Your AML Guide

The new AML law brings new challenges and new penalties, but also opportunities to reduce resource utilization for reporting purposes. We present a structured approach to guide to through it. 

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How can we help you?

Whether you are dealing with regulatory hurdles like MiFID II and GDPR, or want to make client on boarding easy and reliable for both you and your clients, we can help. 

We're good at: Automated Digital Customer Onboarding, MiFID II, Compliance, Project Finance, Digital Strategy, Web Development, Digital Communications, and more.

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Maritime & Merchant
Sparebanken Vest

MiFID II: Our solution

Looking for someone to solve your MiFID II-challenges? Together with the law firm Schjødt, we have created a solution that deals with some of the requirements set by the implementation of MiFID II in January 2018.

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Reduce risk

Efficient Project Finance

A niche market requires niche solutions. If you manage investments or over-the-counter instruments (OTC), we offer a compliance-optimized CRM combined with a Project Finance registry, customized to cover your needs.

The goal? To eliminate time spent on manual processes, so you can spend more time on the activities that matter.

We care about privacy

We are actively working to safeguard your privacy. Get an overview and read more about how and why we collect and handle personal information about you in accordance with Norwegian law.

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